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"12’x9’ Brings Compelling Prison Drama to Missing Piece Theater"

by Greg Simay, MyBurbank.com


Life in prison is a hard reality for over two million American citizens. It’s a reality that seemsFRED THOMAS JR.missing from the streets of Burbank, hidden away in the hearts of those few who had endured the hell of confinement. But within the intimate space of The Missing Piece Theater, an unsparing light reveals the prison un-life in the gripping drama 12’x9’.

"Black prison drama 12' x 9' creates stir at Missing Piece Theater"

by Olu Alemoru, Los Angeles Wave


Punctuated by a shocking simulation of violence, “12’ x 9’” is a ticking time bomb of a play that as a fair warning will have you squirming in your seat.

Month of the Man: Producer & Reality TV Alum Talks Success on His Own Terms

by Daron Pressley, Black Enterprise


Philadelphia has undoubtedly produced some of the greatest professionals in the world, and the talent pool doesn’t seem to be drying up any time soon. From Billie Holiday to The Roots to Kobe Bryant, the talent pool from Philly is continuing to grow and make an impact around the world. Meet Fred Thomas Jr. (@derfsamoht), a South Philadelphian, who has flown high but under the radar. The seven-time NAACP Theatre Award nominee and winner of “Best Director,” “Best Playwright” and “Best Producer” for his play “12’x9’,” is making major moves in the entertainment industry.



Conversations With Chike Evans attends 12x9 The Stage Play in Philly

NAACP award winner gets its Philly stage premiere

by Tara Lynn Johnson, Broad Street Review


There’s always hope, even in a prison cell. That’s the crux of the three-time NAACP Theatre Awards winner 12’x9’, a drama written by South Philadelphia’s Fred Thomas Jr. 

Thomas toughens up in '12x9'

by Joseph Myers, South Philly Review


Like any ingenuity-infused individual, Fred Thomas Jr. has known the annoyances that often arise when determining the best means for placing one’s talents. Anyone can create simply to serve self-interest, but the product of the 1500 block of Wharton Street yearns to encourage strength among viewers of his work, especially those whose hope has become dormant. 

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